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G-Power Hooks<\/h1>\n

[\/vc_column_text][\/vc_column][\/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] continues to forge new paths by combining exciting new hook designs with industry-leading technology. The G-Power hooks, part of the G-Series, are a perfect example of the brand\u2019s commitment to innovation.<\/p>\n

Pro Designed and Tested On The Tournament Trail<\/h2>\n

G-Power is a result of endless hours of product testing from some of the world\u2019s leading pro anglers. Every hook in this premium line was designed with a specific application, utilizing critical input from our professional fishing team. As a result, not only are these hooks, sharper, stronger and more durable, but they also create pro-type fishing advantages as seen in an increase in hook-ups, fewer lost fish, and overall superior fishability.<\/p>\n

Hook a few thousand bass a year and you know what works and what doesn\u2019t. That\u2019s exactly what \u2019s pro team does year-in and year-out. Every cast, every hookset can be a game-changer\u2026and that was the genesis of the G-Series. Designed and tested by bass fishing\u2019s top pro\u2019s, G-Series takes hook design, \u201csharp\u201d and \u201cstrong\u201d to new and unimagined levels of excellence. The top professionals\u2019 livelihoods depend on being the best and using the best equipment available and with G-Series, they have the competitive edge.<\/p>\n

Ultra Strong, Durable and Sharp High Performance Wire<\/h3>\n

\nG-Power hooks are specifically designed for heavy cover and power techniques and feature Tournament Grade Wire and Nano Smooth Coating.<\/p>\n

\u2019s long held the reputation as the sharpest hooks on the water and the G-Series takes that to a whole new level. Using an ultra-strong material called TGW (Tournament Grade Wire), that\u2019s thinner, stronger and sharper, has been able to achieve what no other hook company has, the world\u2019s most effective fishing hooks.<\/span><\/p>\n


Unsurpassed Hook Penetration<\/h3>\n

But TGW is only part of the G-Series story. \u2019s exclusive Nano Smooth Coat finish reduces resistance for superior penetration. A slicker, faster penetrating hook surface enhances the design and material attributes of the G-Series.<\/p>\n


G-Series is more than an innovative, revolutionary, new hook material and finish. \u2019s exclusive, proprietary design makes these singularly unique hooks even better![\/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]<\/p>\n

G-Power Hooks<\/h2>\n